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Postdoctoral Researchers


I don't have funding for any new postdocs at this time, but reach out to me if you are interested in pursuing support for collaborative projects.

Prospective Graduate Students

I encourage students with a strong background in ecology and biological sciences to contact me to discuss potential opportunities pursuing a M.S. or Ph.D. in my lab.  My goal as an advisor is to train graduate students in ecological and evolutionary theory, experimental design, and statistical analysis necessary to perform high-quality empirical research. 


The research in my lab focuses on community assembly, the ecology and evolution of plant–insect interactions, the biotic and abiotic factors that influence these processes, and the consequences for ecosystems.  I am seeking graduate students who will develop an independent thesis or dissertation project that fits within these broad topics.  This includes projects in study systems I currently work in or in other appropriate systems where I can provide support.  For a more detailed view of my current projects, please take some time to look through the lab website and read my recent publications.


The Ecology Program Area in the the SDSU Department of Biology has a M.S. program and a joint doctoral program with UC-Davis.  More information on these graduate program is available on the EPA site.  Note that GRE requirements are currently waived. I work with students to seek grant, scholarship, and fellowship support for their graduate studies and research, such as NSF GRFP.

Interested students should submit the following to

1) a one-page cover letter describing your research interests and experience related to the topics mentioned above, and whether you are seeking a MS or PhD

2) your CV

3) transcripts (unofficial are fine)

I seek to create a lab environment in which all students are supported and can succeed, regardless of personal or cultural background or identity. As such, students from groups traditionally underrepresented or marginalized in science are encouraged to apply.


Finally, here is a valuable websites for prospective grad students:

Spencer Hall’s exhaustive list of resources for grad students and postdocs

And this document from Sarah Evans's lab about how to contact prospective advisors is a wonderful resource (thank you Sarah!)


Undergraduate Students

If you are an undergraduate interested in gaining research experience, opportunities for biology credit are available.  I seek students with a strong academic background who are responsible, punctual, and able to commit to at least 6 hours of work each week for a semester. 


If you are interested, contact me and send me a CV or resume and your transcripts (unofficial are fine).  Also write a brief statement describing any past research or work experience, your interests in biology, and your reasons for getting involved in research. Previous research experience certainly is not expected or a requirement, so don't let that stop you from contacting me!

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