Community ecology & restoration lab

Nick barber, san diego state university

About us

Welcome to the research lab of Nick Barber, Associate Professor of biology at San Diego State University.  We study how environmental and biotic factors influence community assembly, trophic interactions, and ecosystem functioning. 

We work in restored, managed, and unmanaged ecosystems, and a major goal of our research is to generate basic ecological knowledge while contributing to the conservation and sustainable management of habitats.



May 2022:

  • Congratulations to Sam P. and Maricela on their graduation! Maricela was also honored as SDSU's Outstanding Biology Undergraduate!

  • Welcome to Dr. Kendall Beals, who starts a postdoctoral scholar position in the lab to study prairie soil microbiomes in collaboration with Dr. Paul Zedler at the UW-Madison.

  • Camille passed her qualifying exams this spring – way to go, Camille!

  • We have a busy field season ahead of us as we travel to Wisconsin and Illinois for soil sampling, and keep growing plants to collect root exudates in the lab.

February 2022:

  • Welcome to Sam Irwin and Travis Johnson, two new bio undergrads in the lab!

October 2021:

  • We are hiring a postdoc! The position will lead soil microbial community sampling in remnant and restored prairies in Wisconsin in collaboration with Dr. Paul Zedler. See details on applying here, and please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

  • CAPER plots are looking great, thanks to the indefatigable lab techs/managers Sam & Lizzy. 


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