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Nick barber, san diego state university

About us

Welcome to the Research Lab of Nick Barber, Assistant Professor of biology at San Diego State University.  We study how environmental and biotic factors influence community assembly and affect the outcomes of trophic interactions. 

We work in restored, managed, and unmanaged ecosystems, and a major goal of our research is to generate basic ecological knowledge while contributing to the conservation and sustainable management of habitats.



September 2019:

  • Welcome to Emma Bock, SDSU Environmental Science undergrad who joined the lab this fall!

August 2019:

  • Take a look at the Special Feature in Journal of Ecology that Nick edited with David Gibson and Holly Jones. Our contribution looked at how environmental and historical characteristics of 120 tallgrass prairie influenced taxonomic and phylogenetic diversity. 

  • Welcome to Camille Traylor, who is joining our lab and the SDSU-UCDavis Joint Doctoral Program in Ecology!

June 2019:

  • Nick has spent the last few months at the University of Würzburg on a Humboldt Foundation fellowship, working with Jochen Krauss in the Department of Animal and Tropical Biology. We are studying ground beetle communities in managed calcareous grasslands. 

  • Azeem is processing beetle samples in the lab this summer with the help of two SDSU undergraduates, Christine Bennett and Bhakti Patel. Welcome, Christine and Bhakti!

  • We have a new paper in Ecology led by Cornell Ph.D. student Julie Davis, from her undergraduate thesis work with Lynn Adler. The takeaway is that mycorrhizae alter pollen chemistry with consequences for bee pathogens, but the effect depends on soil nutrients!

  • Friends of Nachusa Grasslands gave us a grant to continue our dung and ground beetle monitoring at Nachusa, so Sheryl has been carrying out work this summer to continue our long-term community data. 


phone: 619-594-3054

office: PS101

lab: PS105 (now with furniture!)


Department of Biology & Ecology Program Area

San Diego State University

North Life Sciences Room 102
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-4614

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